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Keeping Culture Knowledge Management System

Keeping Culture Knowledge Management System (formerly called Ara Irititja KMS) is a browser based cultural archive database for the capture, preservation and returning of cultural knowledge to Indigenous communities.

This custom-built web application stores digital assets – images, audio and movies – along with metadata. It is a relational database allowing complex relationships between people, places, flora, fauna, events, activities, spirituality, historical stories and digital assets.

Culturally appropriate software
The design of the user interface allows the language and iconography of the software to be customised to provide culturally appropriate symbolism and nomenclature. The software supports multiple language groups and can be configured to allow multiple communities to have their own unique entry point into the one database.

Access to content is managed by a flexible user account, groups and permissions protocol. Private and culturally sensitive materials are hidden from users without permission to view them. Similarly, the level of functionality available to the user can be reduced to create an interface suitable for low computer literacy users.