• Sewage Sleuths homepage with video introduction

  • Task with the problem for students to solve

  • Schematic illustration of complete wastewater process

  • 'Screening out the solids' process description

  • Students record findings in their notebook

Sewage Sleuths

The Sewage Sleuths website is an online inquiry-based resource developed in partnership with Department for Education and Child Development and SA Water. Aimed at Year 7 students, it facilitates the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, Geography and Science. Students learn about the sewage treatment process and apply this knowledge to solve problem scenarios at a fictitious wastewater plant.

The concept enables students to explore the role of water scientists and engineers at the Rivertown wastewater treatment plant. Through the analysis of schematics, process reports, test results and other rich media, students investigate a task (or problem) and hypothesise as to the cause of the issue in the sewage treatment process.